Entrepreneurship Doesn't Have To
Be A Solo Ride

Discover the power of partnering with a supportive community where everyone is on a collective mission to run a million dollar biz.


It Takes A Village To Build A Successful Business

So, we created one.

WMB—What it takes to run a 1 Million dollar Biz—Mastermind is a virtual community of entrepreneurs committed to growing profitable businesses wielding business strategies and tactics together while providing invaluable support and advice.

Being An
Is No Joke

Between demanding clients, ever-fluctuating revenue, and the feeling of having to do it all on your own, it's no wonder so many business owners are so overwhelmed. And if left unresolved and unattended to, that overwhelm can turn into burnout— which turns into breakdown.

While the reasons are many, statistics show that 1 in 5 U.S. small businesses fail within the first year. By the end of their fifth year, that number shoots up to 80%.

WMB Mastermind aims to fix that with a peer-topeer support system that provides education, accountability and collective wisdom and experience to help entrepreneurs level up their businesses and change their lives in the process.

Because when we have shoulders to lean on and people who are rooting for us along the way, our vision of what's possible goes beyond fantasy and we wake up to what we’re truly capable of.

Our Community Of Entrepreneurial Rock Stars Have Been Featured In

In the WMB Mastermind, you'll learn how to scale your business, become a high performance leader, and give your business the right systems to take it to the seven figure mark (and then some).

Is WMB Mastermind For You?

We get it. Some people prefer to ride solo. But if you struggle with any of the following, you should seriously consider joining our crew.

You lack a support system.

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely place. Connecting with like minded peer groups made up of people who have been there and done that will expand your business in a way that going it alone never can.

You generate revenue but not profit.

Tired of not cutting yourself a paycheck? We'll provide tools and techniques to set a strong financial foundation and maximize your revenue.

You're always working in your business—but never on your business.

Scaling your biz means more than just adding another client. We'll give you an effective strategy to create the necessary systems and processes (along with hiring the right teams) to enable your freedom.

You've hit a brick wall.

There's nothing more frustrating than being stuck in a rut. We'll give you the tools, goal tracking, and accountability needed to move forward and propel you to success.

You want to learn the skills (but not pay for an MBA).

We'll arm you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective in four key areas: People, Strategy, Business Execution, and Cash.


Hear From Other
WMB Members:



Hear From Other
WMB Members:





When you join the WMB Mastermind, you'll have access to a wealth of knowledge, tools and community, as well as:

  • Quarterly educational events led by certified coaches who have worked with every kind of businesses, from startups to billion dollar organizations (Value: $35K)
  • Monthly forum meetings with 8-10 participants who will become your trusted accountability partners as well as lifelong friends
  • Monthly educational content from our expansive network of experts and bonus speakers
  • Exclusive access to our private Facebook Group for 24/7 support whenever you need it.
  • An annual dinner so you can meet and connect with your mastermind peers face-to-face


Check Out Our Guests From Former Clubhouse Rooms & Summits

Grant Cardone

Daymond John

Tracy Holland

Liz Heller

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How We Began

It started out as a mission during a time of uncertainty. April 2020 we set out when the world was in turmoil to make it our life's mission to impact 100 million entrepreneurs. That led us to the audio app Clubhouse. December 24th we opened a room called "What it takes to run a 1 million dollar biz" to bring in experts who can give advice and experience share to people who have a business impacted by the pandemic. What started with only a few people became a movement with a room of thousands of people open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 20 days straight. That room has turned into one of the largest entrepreneur clubs on the app with 80k+ people and thousands of visitors daily. The community kept asking how can we offer something more and dive deeper into their business. That is why we hired one of the best consulting agencies to create and train the education content for WMB aka "What it takes to run a 1 Million dollar Biz" Mastermind. We know how important deeper connections are with your peers so a forum was the perfect complement.