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We seek experts who are implementing what they teach. Previous speakers include CEOs of publicly traded companies, Superworld Founder, Founder from a $5 Billion Dollar play to earn gaming company, and world-renowned speakers on DAO's. 

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How We Began 


Kate and Dan have been using technology since the early 1990s. Kate was heavily into MIRC in 1999 and even a big community on Friendster in 2008, and Dan started coding in 1998 at age of 14.

Kate’s entrepreneurial journey started with an eCommerce business that grew from $20 to an 8-figure company, thanks to her skills in paying attention to algorithms and marketing. She also operated a beauty business and real estate investing during this time. She made it to the INC 5000 list twice as one of the fastest-growing companies in the US.

Kate and Dan had been early adopters of the social audio app that had started back in December 2020, and they had created a whole category on the app with over 100,000 members globally. Their strong ties to the media and community allowed them to get some great interviews with influential business people. With their new show, they planned to share their insights into all things metaverse – from virtual land to playing games in VR.

They are a co-founder of the Metaverse Collective who launched the George Lopez NFT and are involved in Val Kilmers NFT Project. The Metaverse Collective has a mission to onboard 1 million entrepreneurs to the Metaverse.

Other interviews Kate and Dan have done include many Business Influencers such as Founder of Reebok Joe Foster, Jeff Hoffman Co-founder of Priceline.com, Keiran Warwick Founder of the NFT game Illuvium, and Hrish Founder of Super World.